Public-Private Partnerships

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We offer design and implementation for Public-Private Partnerships to help build valuable companies, benefit public health, and stimulate economic growth

South African Innovation Center

Working closely with the University of Johannesburg (UJ) and other South African stakeholders, Technology Innovation Group crafted the concept model and business plan for a new innovation center located adjacent to the University of Johannesburg called Resolution Circle.

Resolution Circle houses work-integrated learning by faculty-led student teams and prototypes development funded primarily by industry sponsored research. Technologies that are successfully developed are licensed to either the sponsoring business or to a start up company. UJ accepted TIG recommendations and raised $30 million to build the new facility, called Resolution Circle, equipped that facility with specialized machines, and funded faculty to oversee industry sponsored projects.

Working closely with industry sponsors, Resolution Circle is on track to achieve its three-year goal to raise over $10 million from sources outside of UJ for operations.

North Texas Enterprise Center

TIG Principals worked with regional stakeholders to establish the North Texas Enterprise Center (NTEC), a business incubator center in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. TIG performed a feasibility assessment and wrote the business plan for this new nonprofit supported by the City of Frisco's Economic Development Corporation.

TIG Principals raised more than $1.5 million to establish NTEC, developed the business revenue model, and recruited stakeholders to support annual funding for NTEC's operations. Since its formation, NTEC has supported more than 60 companies, with most focused on medical technology and clean energy products and services.

South Africa Life Sciences Growth Venture Initiative

TIG performed an assessment of the assets of and challenges to the life science industries in South Africa with goals to create a public-private framework to build valuable companies and improve public health. TIG was subsequently invited by the Department of Science and Technology to prepare a detailed suite of actions to implement the recommendations from this assessment.

Jordan Science and Technology Initiative

TIG conducted a national assessment of Jordan's science and technology infrastructure and developed plans for an innovation hub to stimulate creation of new, globally competitive high technology companies and jobs. The report recommendations were accepted by both the Jordanian and U.S. governments and the U.S. government proceeded with implementation plans that involved U.S. AID and other agencies.

Design and implementation for Public-Private Partnerships to help build valuable companies, benefit public health, and stimulate economic growth