Life Science Ventures

We help identify promising discoveries and provide support for their delivery to the commercial marketplace

Baylor Research Institute: Cancer Immunotherapy

Technology Innovation Group (TIG) performed a commercialization assessment on a promising cancer immunotherapy technology developed at Baylor Research Institute (BRI) and created a company to carry the technology forward along the commercialization path to the market.

BRI in Dallas asked TIG first to assess the research and intellectual property (IP) around immune cell manipulation for cancer vaccines.

This assessment led to the creation of a new company that commercialized the technology and engaged in Phase II clinical trials.

A TIG Principal, Tom Turpen, was contracted to be the CEO of the new company for a year and subsequently helped recruit a permanent CEO after many risks to the company were reduced.

TIG raised more than $4 million in first round funding, gained approval for a Phase II clinical trial, stabilized the company and subsequently helped recruit a permanent CEO.

Orphan Drug for Metabolic Disorders

TIG also worked with BRI on a novel therapeutic to treat a set of rare metabolic disorders. Support included technology validation, an assessment of commercial potential, clinical trial data collection, quality control for the manufacturing process, and a manufacturing audit of the compound. TIG provided oversight through orphan drug designation from the FDA. TIG then negotiated a commercialization option/license to a pharmaceutical partner for future development for orphan drug and other applications.

Vaccine Company Spin-out

TIG Principal Tom Turpen served as President and CEO of Eliance Biotechnology, a vaccine research company spun out of UT Southwestern. He orchestrated a Series A raise of $2.5 million, a $13.6 million additional raise and acquisition of Eliance by MacroGenics, creating a comprehensive immuno-therapeutics company. The acquisition was widely recognized as a major milestone in the development of the biotech industry in North Texas.