Advanced Materials & Device Technologies

Absorbable Polymer Technology for Implantable Drug Delivery

drug-loaded polymer fiber
Technology Innovation Group helped create the business plan for an exciting and innovative time-release drug-loaded polymer fiber that dramatically expands uses for implantable medical devices

TissueGen Inc. makes a biodegradable drug-loaded polymer fiber for use in implantable medical devices. It has a patented process that enables fiber extrusion at room temperature, so that drugs and therapeutic agents can be embedded for time released delivery. This dramatically expands the variety of biologics that can be delivered through implant.

Technology Innovation Group Principals have worked with the Founder/Inventor from the outset to write the original business plan, raise money, and commercialize this technology from a university from which it was discovered. TIG served as its initial CEO and currently serves on the Board of Directors. The company has had several capital raises, totaling over $3.5 million to develop a range of drug delivery solutions.

Photovoltaic Technology

photovoltaic technology
Our photovoltaic technology services include commercialization risk assessment, marketing strategy, and support for joint venture negotiations

At the request of the University of Johannesburg, Technology Innovation Group (TIG) performed an assessment of the commercialization strategy for a patented photovoltaic technology developed at the university and implemented through a spin-out company, PTIP. TIG met with company and university officials to review strategic issues and provide support for joint venture negotiations with a prospective German partner. Next, TIG provided a commercial risk assessment that addressed the relationship between company and university and location of pilot manufacturing facilities. TIG is now providing marketing strategy and roadmap support for the products coming from the pilot facility.

Heart Device Start-up

Provided business plan, commercialization and InnoMap™ intellectual property analysis for a revolutionary heart assist technology for CorInnova, Inc., College Station, Texas.